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At a glance

ROBIC, l.l.p. is an internationally renowned firm of professionals including lawyers, scientists and engineers specializing in Intellectual Property and Business Law. We provide dynamic and entrepreneurial representation to clients in managing all aspects of their intellectual capital.

We are recognized by our peers as a benchmark provider of legal services related to the protection, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property rights and other intangible assets. We have successfully built upon our historical expertise in the field of Intellectual Property to offer fully integrated Business Law services.

ROBIC is home to some of Canada’s most prolific and reputable lawyers and intellectual property counsel. Our team is composed of dedicated professionals, well-known and highly respected by their colleagues, by the Courts and Government agencies before which they practice.

Our enduring success and enviable reputation is in large part the result of our ongoing focus on addressing our clients’ needs.


ROBIC is a full-service IP boutique whose primary purpose is to service its clients’ needs in the field of Intellectual Property and Business Law.

Our mission is to advise our clients in knowledge-based and IP-intensive industries on how to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace through the effective development, management, protection, and commercialisation of their innovation and the enforcement of their proprietary rights.

We strive to develop creative yet pragmatic strategies which are tailored to our clients’ business reality and needs.


Founded in 1892 by the Marion brothers, two engineers, the firm flourished under the direction of Raymond A. Robic who joined the patent and trademark agency in 1917. Raymond A. Robic quickly became the firm’s driving force and the ROBIC name found its way onto the firm’s letterhead in 1932, where it has remained ever since. Under the leadership and vision of the late Raymond A. Robic, author, teacher and inventor, the firm grew in size, expertise and reputation.

In 1970, the law firm of LEGER ROBIC RICHARD was formed to provide specialized services in the field of intellectual property counselling, litigation and licensing primarily to ROBIC clients. Over the years, the law firm leveraged its niche status to grow and diversify its practice to include business law and commercial litigation while continuing to grow its traditional practice covering all aspects of intellectual property.

The synergies between the law firm and the patent and trademark agency flourished over the decades to the point that the two firms merged their activities into one fully integrated entity which offers the full-range of intellectual property services under the trade-mark ROBIC: a single brand for a singular institution representing a long tradition of excellence.

Quebec — The Future

Both our Montreal and Quebec City offices are situated in their respective city’s most modern and state-of-the-art architectural jewels: the CDP Capital Complex and Le Delta Building.

Our Montreal offices are located in the new and vibrant Quartier International which straddles the downtown business district and the historic Old Montreal quarter. It is conveniently located a short walking distance from the Montreal Convention Centre, Montreal’s Provincial and Federal Court Houses, the World Trade Centre and the regional office of the Canadian Patent and Trademark Offices.

Our Quebec City offices are situated on Laurier Boulevard, the heart of Quebec City’s new and flourishing business district which is easily accessible while remaining just a stone’s throw away from the city’s historic old quarter.

The Province’s urban economy which has traditionally been geared to manufacturing, has succeeded in taking its place among the world leaders of the new global economy. The Province’s two main urban hubs are recognised as hotbeds for research and development in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, aeronautics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and clean-tech, and have an abundant supply of venture capital. Montreal and Quebec City combined boast a total of six universities, as well as many institutes and research centres who feed the knowledge economy. Our local clientele and practice are a reflection of the technological and economic reality of Montreal, Quebec City and their surroundings.

Integration of Intellectual Property and Business Law

ROBIC consists of an integrated group of multi-disciplinary professionals whose primary goal is to service its clients’ needs in the field of Intellectual Property and Business Law. By focussing on the needs of our clients in knowledge-based and IP-intensive industries, we have evolved into a full service IP boutique with a thriving Business Law practice.

Our mission is to advise our clients on how to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace through the effective protection, management, development and marketing of their innovation and enforcing their proprietary rights.

We have acquired an enviable reputation in areas such as corporate and commercial law, as well as in other more specialised fields of Business Law such as technology transfers and licensing, competition, telecommunications and information technology law. Our primary objective is to find practical solutions to satisfy both the legal and business needs of our clients.

We implement creative yet pragmatic strategies while overseeing intellectual property enforcement, prosecution and management programs, or structuring commercial transactions.