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ROBIC’s diverse team of highly qualified scientific and legal professionals are extremely well versed in law and in all fields of engineering, physics, biochemistry, chemistry, genetics and computer science.

Historically, ROBIC has been an active participant in many national and international professional associations relating to its main fields of activity. Members of our firm have held the title of both President of the Patent and Trademark Institute of Canada and Chair of the National Intellectual Property Section of the Canadian Bar Association, in addition to being officers of various international associations including AIPPI, ASIPI, LES, FICPI, INTA and IBA. Our attorneys have been invited to lecture at various Montreal business schools and law faculties as well as the Bar school of the province of Quebec and before the Judges of the Federal Court of Canada and the Superior Court of Quebec.

All the members of the firm are fluent in English and French. Many members of the firm are also able to offer services in Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and Greek.


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Laurence Bourget-Merle
PhD, Chemist and Patent Agent in Canada
514 987-8882

Laurence Danis
Technical Advisor (Patents)

Nathalie Jodoin
Partner, Engineer, Lawyer and Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States
514 987-8879

Marine Keraron
Junior Engineer and Patent Agent
514 987-2718

Jeremy Lawson
Engineer and Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States, Partner
514 987-2715

Nadim Noujeim
Ph.D. chemistry, Technical Advisor (Patents)
514 987-2716

Dominique Pomerleau
Ph.D., Patent Agent in Canada and in the United States, Partner
418 653-1817

Frédéric Venne
M.A.Sc., Technical Adviser (Patents)
514 987-2710