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Specialized in business law, financing, mergers and acquisitions, technology transfers and licensing. Sits on several boards of directors, both public and private. Plays ice hockey to relax.

Lawyer, Partner
Practice areas
Business Law
  • Licensing and Technology Transfers
  • Management and Commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Consortiums and Joint Ventures
  • Financing (Including Venture Capital)
  • Contracts
  • Confidentiality and Trade Secrets
  • Franchising
  • Due Diligence
Patents - Counsel
  • Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Protection Strategies for Trademarks and Trade names
  • Trademark Portfolio Management
Areas of industrial expertise

François Painchaud specializes in business law applied to key technology sectors. He is frequently involved in the drafting and negotiation of complex transactions related to technology transfers and joint ventures and in commercial and corporate law, including venture capital and mergers and acquisitions.

He was named Lawyer of the Year 2014 - Information Technology in Montréal by Best Lawyers. He was also named Technology Transfert Lawyer of the Year in Canada by Corporate Intl Magazine Global Awards.

François Painchaud’s clients are important all-sized businesses, both Canadian and foreign, in various fields, including:
• Life Sciences (pharmaceutical/biotechnology)
• Information Technology (IT)
• Venture Capital
• Chemistry and other industrial technologies

Called to the Québec Bar in 1986, François Painchaud has been a partner at ROBIC for more than 25 years. He is a member of the firm's management committee and heads the Business Law group.

He is Past-President of Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. & Canada), Inc. and was a member of the board of directors from 2001 to 2010. Since 2011, has been counsel, then corporate secretary to the board of directors and a member of the board of directors of Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). He was a member of the board of directors and treasurer of Certified Licensing Professionals, Inc until 2013. He is also director and general secretary for the Canadian Louis Pasteur Foundation.

François Painchaud is a member of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) and was part of the executive committee of the Business Law Section (Québec Branch) and Past-President of the executive committee for the Information, Telecommunications and Intellectual Property Section of the Quebec Branch.

He serves on the board of directors or as corporate secretary of various private and public companies operating in life sciences and other technology driven fields. He is also a member of several business associations.

Academically, he was a lecturer at McGill University for four years for the course entitled Complex Legal Transactions - Trade Secrets Law and Technology Transfers and lecturer in courses on business law at Concordia University’s MBA program. He has also been involved for several years as part of a licensing course on Trademark Law, jointly organized by the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) and McGill University.

François Painchaud is frequently solicited to give lectures in various areas of technology transfers and intellectual property in commercial transactions for several business groups and associations.

He also contributed to the annual update of the book Robic-Leger, Canadian Trade Marks Act Annotated and the drafting of Robic-Leger, Canadian Copyright Act Annotated, both published by Carswell. He regularly publishes articles in his fields of specialization.

- Member of the Québec Bar (1986)
- Bachelor of Civil Law (LL.B.), Université de Montréal (1985)
- Certification: Certified Licensing Professional (CLP)
- Association des diplômés en droit de l’Université de Montréal (ADDUM)
- Canadian Bar Association (CBA)
- Canadian Healthcare Licensing Association (CHLA)
- Canadian Society of Corporate Secretary (CSCS)
- The Canadian Club of Montreal
- Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (BTMM)
- Institute of Corporate Directors – Quebec Chapter
- Licensing Executives Society (USA & Canada), Inc. (LES)
- National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)
- New York Bar Association (NYBA)
- Réseau capital
- Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals
Intellectual Property and Debt Collection: How to Touch Assets that are Inherently Intangible in Canada (2011)
Le gouvernement doit-il rester propriétaire des brevets d'invention découlant de ses subventions ? (2011)
Bayh-Dole : déjà 30 ans - Le gouvernement doit-il demeurer propriétaire des brevets d'invention découlant de ses subventions ? (2011)
Bayh-Dole 30 years old - Must the government remain the owner of patents obtained as a result of its subsidies? (2011)
Intellectual property and secured transactions : Going the wrong way in the right direction (2010)
Universités : La destion des droits de PI reconnue (2010)
University IP rights management vindicated (2010)
Overview of the implications of the QUANTA COMPUTER' INC. v. LG ELECTRONICS, INC decision on the drafting of license agreements from a Canadian perspective (2009)
Overview of the implications of the QUANTA COMPUTER, INC. V. LG ELECTRONICS, INC. decision of the drafting of licence agreements from a Canadian perspective (2009)
La Cour supérieure de l'Ontario se prononce sur l'obligation d'une partie contractante à verser des royautés (2008)
QUANTA V. LGE : une décision en matière de licencing (2008)
QUANTA VS. LGE : a decision concerning licencing (2008)
5 conseils pour mieux gérer votre R&D (2008)
5 tips to better manage your R&D (2008)
Acceptance speech LES USA & CANADA 2008 annual meeting Orlando (2008)
Développements récents en matière de licensing : l'impact de certaines décisions provenant de l'autre côté de la frontière: analyse des décisions Medimmune et Sandisk (2007)
La survivance des obligations des licenciés suite à l'expiration ou l'invalidation d'un brevet et la divulgation des secrets de commerce (2007)
Les transferts de technologie et leurs clauses principales dans le cadre d’un contrat de licence (2002)
International Mergers & Acquisitions: the Canadian Perspective (2001)
Considérations sur l'évaluation et la commercialisation de la technologie (2001)
Licences et ententes de recherche et de développements conjoints (2000)
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Gestion stratégique de la propriété intellectuelle en matière de contrats internationaux de transfert de technologies et de contrats d'entreprises communes (1998)
Licences: Évitez de signer des conventions mal rédigées (partie II) (1998)
Licensing: How to Avoid Entering into a Badly Drafted Agreement (part II) (1998)
La propriété intellectuelle à l'heure de l'import/export (1997)
Transferts de technologies (1997)
Transfer of Technologies (1997)
Report on Confidential Information and Trade Secrets (1995)
La propriété intellectuelle dans les transactions commerciales (1995)
La propriété intellectuelle sur Internet: le «policier à cheval» et le «voleur en Formule 1»? (1995)

François Painchaud