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Specialized in all areas of intellectual property law, as well as litigation and transactional law. Former president of IPIC. Fervent skier, snowboarder and cyclist; likes to practice his sports around the globe. Enjoys diverse types of music: from Franz Liszt to the Rolling Stones.
Of counsel, Lawyer and Trademark Agent
Practice areas
  • Domain Names (Protection, Management and Arbitration Proceedings)
  • Filing and Prosecuting Trademark Applications
  • Copyright Registrations
Business Law
  • Business Strategies and Negotiations
  • Confidentiality and Trade Secrets
  • Contracts (Negotiation, Drafting and Review)
  • Arbitration in Commercial Matters
  • Arbitration in Intellectual Property
  • Copyright Litigation
  • Mediation in Intellectual Property
  • Prevention and Resolution of Disputes and Conflicts
  • Trademarks Litigation
  • Unfair Competition Litigation
Areas of industrial expertise

Hugues G. Richard specializes in litigation, transactional law and strategic counselling in all aspects of intellectual property.

Hugues G. Richard is consistently ranked by his peers as one of the pre-eminent intellectual property experts in Canada. He appears in numerous guides, including Best Lawyers, The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory, Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars, The International Who's Who of Trademark Lawyers, The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers, Who's Who Legal: Canada 2014, PLC Which Lawyer?, Trade Mark Law Practitioners and Chambers Global.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Université de Montreal in 1967, a civil law degree in 1970 and was called to the Québec Bar in 1971.

He is, among others, member and former president of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) and a member of the Canadian Bar Association.

Hugues G. Richard is an active litigator and an experienced negotiator in the field of intellectual property litigation. He has appeared before, among others, the Superior Court of Québec, the Court of Appeal of Québec, the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal. He also appeared many times before the Trade-marks Opposition Board. These regular and continuous implications made Hugues G. Richard able to manage, execute and negotiate trial effectively.

His expertise and knowledge are put to use in its responsibilities as an accredited arbitrator for these highly respected national and international arbitration centers, including:

• WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization);
• NAF (National Arbitration Forum);
• BCIAC (British Columbia International Arbitration Center) and
• Resolution Canada Inc.

He has served in these arbitration centers regularly for ten years. A very large number of decisions on conflicts over domain names were made by Hugues G. Richard under these terms.

He is also a member of IP Neutrals of Canada, an organization founded by lawyers / counsels to offer arbitration and mediation services. He is accredited mediator of the Québec Bar.

Hugues G. Richard's clients are important businesses, both Canadian and foreign companies operating in various areas, including:
• Telecommunications
• Editing
• Banks
• Retail
• Food
• Cosmetics
• Luxury products

Hugues G. Richard counsels his clients so that they can better protect their interests and assets, while taking into account their respective commercial realities. He also issues strategic advice on branding, protection of intellectual property portfolios and participates in the development and implementation of contractual structures and licensing programs.

In regard to technology, he has recently had to issue an opinion on the amendments to the regulations governing domain names at the request of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Over the years, Hugues G. Richard has been invited by various organizations to lecture. He was also a lecturer on several occasions before the judges of the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal. In the past years, Hugues G. Richard was invited by McGill University in collaboration with IPIC, to teach a course on copyright during the summer sessions.

In addition to being editor and co-editor of the Robic-Canadian Trade-Marks Act Annotated, Robic-Canadian Copyright Act Annotated and the Robic-Loi canadienne sur les marques de commerce annotée published by Carswell, he also contributes to the preparation of countless articles about intellectual property law in various publications. He is also a member of the editorial board of one of them and co-author of a report commissioned by the Canadian government entitled Report on the advisability of legislation for the protection of functional objects.

Member of the Québec Bar (1971)
Bachelor of Civil Law (LL.L.), Université de Montréal (1970)
Bachelor of Arts (B. A.), Université de Montréal (1967)
- Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC)
- Canadian Bar Association (ABC)
- Union des écrivains et écrivaines du Québec (UNEQ)
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Médiation en propriété intellectuelle : Quelque chose de nouveau mais qui fait ses preuves ailleurs (2011)
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Hugues G. Richard