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Specialized in intellectual property litigation. Former “Ski-bum”.
Practice areas
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Copyright Litigation
  • Domain Names Litigation
  • Patents and Industrial Design Litigation
  • Trademarks Litigation
  • Unfair Competition Litigation
Business Law
  • Confidentiality and Trade Secrets

Alexandra Steele specializes in litigation related to all aspects of intellectual property.

Alexandra Steele advises her clients so that they can better protect their interests and assets, while taking into account their respective commercial realities and business development strategies in the long term. Ms. Steele emphasizes a practical approach to resolving disputes.

Alexandra Steele’s clients are important small to large-sized businesses, both Canadian and foreign, from various fields, including:

• Entertainment
• Food industry
• Retail
• Pharmaceutics
• Cosmetics
• Banks
• Automobile
• Clothing and accessories 

Alexandra Steele regularly appears before the Quebec Superior Court and the Federal Courts, and has a sharp ability to manage, execute and negotiate trials. In addition, she has a solid experience in safeguard and injunctive orders, including the preparation and enforcement of Anton Piller orders.

She is also very involved in several associations. She is currently a member of the Forums and Seminars Committee of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) and of the Court Practices Committee of the National Intellectual Property Section of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA). Alexandra Steele is also a past Chair of the CBA National Intellectual Property Section Executive and served on the Users Group of the Federal Courts. She therefore works together with practitioners across Canada and in collaboration with the Federal Courts to improve the judicial procedure in matters of intellectual property. Ms. Steele also represents Canada at the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), where she serves on the Board of Directors.

Alexandra Steele also publishes several articles every year, including, among others, the World Intellectual Property Report (WIPR), the Cahiers de propriété intellectuelle (CPI) and the "Recent Developments" series from the Barreau du Québec.

- Member of the Québec Bar (1998)
- Bachelor of Civil Law (LL.B.), Université de Montréal (1997)
- Canadian Bar Association (CBA)
- Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI)
- Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC)
- American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
Curves et Énergie Cardio: une concurrence (mal)saine? (2014)
Curves and Énergie Cardio: an (Un)healthy Competition? (2014)
Les clauses d'exclusivité et la libre concurrence (2014)
Exclusivity Clauses and Free Trade (2014)
Exclusivité d'emploi (2012)
Développements récents en commercialisation trompeuse: décisions marquantes de 2009 à 2012 (2012)
Federal Court of Appeal Rules trade-mark infringement cases may proceed by way of application or action (2011)
Les secrets de commerce et le chimiste (2011)
Mediation resolution does not automatically lead to binding and enforceable settlement agreement (2011)
Mediation resolution does not automatically lead to binding and enforceable settlement agreement (2011)
Federal Court of Canada rules on definition of "APPLICANTS" in a divisional patent application (2010)
Allegations of depreciation of goodwill in Canadian trademark oppositions (2010)
Toothpaste as a design Trade-Mark (2010)
Inventor receives recognition for contribution to issued patent (2010)
Filing of wrong drawings leads to loss of patent rights in Canada (2010)
Les dessous des informations confidentielles et des secrets de commerce (2009)
Federal Court rules on canadian test for joint authorship (2009)
Microsoft not so "soft" on copyright infringement (2009)
Trade-Mark registration "curbed" throught cancellation proceedings (2009)
Money, money, money ! Federal Court of Canada rules on payment of maintenance fees by associate agent (2008)
Whisky trade-mark "On the rocks" (2008)
To reinstate or not reinstate : That was a question (2008)
Inadvertent failure to respond to part of an Office Action Leads to irrevocable abandonment of Patent Application (2008)
Chanson thème du hockey change de chaîne (2008)
Hockey theme song changes network (2008)
Misappropriating american Trade-Marks in Canada (2008)
Breach of Contractual Undertaking Leads Court to Issue Permanent Injunction (2007)
Olympic Trade-Marks: See you in… Court! (2007)
Luxury Hotel and Time- Share Operation Emboiled in Fight Over "Fairmont" Trade-Mark and Corporate Name (2007)
Poursuite pour logiciels espions/publicitaires rejetée, faute de compétence des cours canadiennes (2007)
Spyware/Adware Action Dismissed for Lack of Jurisdiction of the Canadian Courts (2007)
Informations confidentielles et privilégiées et ordonnance de perquisition et de saisie de type «Anton Piller» (2007)
Privileged and Confidential Information and Anton Piller Orders for Search and Seizure (2007)
Las marcas famosas en Canadá: resumen de los principios (2007)
Famous Trade-marks in Canada: Summary of the Principles (2007)
La protection de l'arrangement visuel de livres, disques, revues et films en vertu de la concurrence déloyale (2006)
Anton Piller Order Vacated Due to Failure by Counsel to Meet Procedural Requirements (2006)
Federal Court of Canada Interprets S. 38.1 Copyright Act Regarding Statutory Damages (2006)
Federal Court Allows Addition of Director of a Company as a Personal Defendant (2006)
Federal Court Considers Necessity of Evidence of Wilfulness Under Subsection 53(1) of the Patent Act (2006)
Téléchargement non-autorisé d'oeuvres musicales: Tel pourra être pris qui croyait prendre... (2005)
Punitive Damages as a Contentious Issue of Intellectual Property Rights (2005)
Trade-Mark Registration Ordered Amended Instead of Expunged (2005)
Courts May Compel the Disclosure of the Identity of Internet Users in Copyright Infringement Cases (2005)
Beware of Overclaiming, Federal Court Of Canada Warns (2005)
Les dessins industriels au Canada: y a-t-il des développements «récents»? (2004)
Federal Court Allows Trade-Mark to Proceed to Registration Based on Use of by Exclusive Licensee (2004)
Quebec Superior Court Reaffirms Its Jurisdiction Over Patent Infringement Cases (2004)
Government of Canada Cannot Disclose Confidential Information Relating to New Drug Submissions (2004)
Federal Court Rules that Commissioner of Patents Has no Jurisduction to Reinstate an Expired Patent (2004)
Federal Court Allows Trade-Mark to Proceed to Registration Based on Use by Exclusive Licensee (2004)
Tromperie commerciale et passing-off : Développements récents (2003)
Les péripéties d’un manuscrit… (2003)
Ontario Superior Court Rules on the Inclusion of the Internet as a “Broadcast” Medium (2003)
Quebec Court of Appeal Rules on Scope of a Copyright Assignment (2003)
Federal Court of Canada Rules on Copyright Ownership (2003)
Once Upon a Time, There was a Manuscript… (2003)
Federal Court of Canada – Orders Trial on Construction of Claims (2003)
Federal Court of Canada Reiterates High Threshold of Irreparable Harm in Interim Injunctions (2003)
Insufficient Evidence of Goodwill Leads to Dismissal of a Passing off Action (2003)
La Cour fédérale du Canada ordonne un procès séparé sur l’interprétation des revendications d’un brevet (2003)
Federal Court of Canada Orders Trial on Construction of Claims (2003)
Partial Assignment of Copyright (2003)
La cession partielle de droits d'auteurs (2003)
Le critère d'originalité en matière de dessins industriels au Canada (2002)
Colour and Shape: A Difficult Pill to Swallow (2002)
Assessment of Party and Party Costs Stemming from a Successful Patent Infringement Action: Forensic Accounting Services Must Meet Threshold of Reasonable Necessity (2002)
The Quebec Court of Appeal Rules on the Necessity for a Foreign Entity to Register With the Provincial Authorities in Order to Pursue Trade-Mark Litigation In Quebec (2002)
The Colour and Shape of a Pharmaceutical Tablet Deemed Not Distinctive Enough to Warrant Trade-Mark Registration, Federal Court Rules (2002)
The Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Trial Judge’s Ruling In a Fact Driven Case on Copyright Infringement (2002)
L'obligation d'immatriculation d'une société étrangère au Québec (2002)
Purposive Construction in Canadian Patent Cases (2001)

Alexandra Steele